Camino Blessing

 It is hard to comprehend how incredible it was to meet Judy. She was the true blessing of the Camino for me. We just connected from that first moment and when we started chatting we found instant hooks. 
We are both more spiritual than religious. For us the joy was nature more than church buildings, although some are incredibly majestic and others beautiful in their simplicity. 
We are both competitive by nature. We had this common connection through sport and rowing in particular. We knew when to turn it on to help us get through a tough stretch. 

We were both prepared. We had tried and tested our kit. We were both fit. We had trained with and without our kit. We walked at the same pace. This is so important. In fact on the Camino it is the most critical thing. You are always told to walk at your own pace. 

We both love animals and dogs in particular. We talked to all the animals along the way. Said hello to all the dogs and cats. They never bothered us. 

Judy has family connections in Croatia. I spent a memorable holiday there around the time of the war in the early 1990’s and the country made a huge impression on me especially with regards where SA was in its journey. 

I am an astrologer. I understand how important and significant timing is in life. Judy had come knowing she wanted to start at a particular time. This guidance came from an astrologer friend of hers. That was mind blowing and set the tone. In fact I get goose bumps thinking about it. 

We both love coffee and chocolate! But Judy is gluten and dairy intolerant. Not me! 
We felt enormously comfortable in each other’s company from the start. In fact on night one we were asked if we were sisters. This happened a few times along the way. 
We both arrived on our own intending to walk alone but that clearly did not happen! But what I think is important, is that both of us were open to exploring what the Camino had to offer. We just had no idea what the Universe had in mind! 

And this demonstrates how important it is to be open and to trust. This is the way. 


2 thoughts on “Camino Blessing”

  1. Beautiful way you put it. And so true of all things in life . The universe works in mysterious and wonderful ways. You have experienced this first hand on your journey . XXX

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