Camino – walking the way

Took a bus this morning to Muxia. I felt like a tourist and not a pilgrim. This is a different experience. It made me appreciate the Camino even more. I realised when I was in the bus I was seeing the countryside. But walking is something quite different. It is a much richer experience. You use all your senses when you walk. Not only do you see but you also hear the sounds of nature and the environment around you, you smell the scents in the air – some glorious and others not, you feel the land beneath your feet. You can stop and touch things, smell them and look more closely. You stop and rest along the way and taste the local foods. Walking makes you engage all your senses and this is what makes it such a rich experience. 


2 thoughts on “Camino – walking the way”

  1. this is exactly how I felt about cycling through Europe for 6 months – being a part of the landscape instead of passing through it behind glass, missing the sensory experiences

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