For many people, Muxia feels more spiritual than Finnistere. They are both small, sleepy fishing villages. Both have that same Galician charm. The fog sits along the coast often until noon and then the sun burns it off and blue skies prevail like today. Reminds me of some aspects of the Atlantic Seaboard – without the multi-million Rand apartments! It is the same cold Atlantic Ocean. The same ocean that brings fog to Cape Town. 

The area is surrounded by big granite boulders. Once again a similar feel. But more Celtic. So there are aspects that remind me of home. And it is time to end this journey and head home, even although I am not home until end July. 

The Camino journey is done. 

Spent a lazy day wondering around the fishing harbour and the coastline which is quite spectacular. Ocean everywhere you look. 


Impressive location. In process of renovation post being struck by lightning in 2013.
Pedra dos Nomorandos – stone of lovers who pledge their love.

Moody misty morning.
Beautiful old stone walls cover the landscape.


Many stone walls with vegetable gardens. Quite a hostile environment!

Our Lady of the Boat – Nosa da Barca


And then the sun came out!

Spotted this fisherman in the harbour!

View from Monte Corpino.


Muxia – from Mongia – land of Monks. 12th Century



Wonder where Cape Town got inspiration for Design 2014?

Love the owl keeping watch!


Best paper place mat!

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