Finnisterre – perfect end 

Perfect end to my time in Spain. Perfect day. 

Left Muxia and got bus back to Finnesterre. Had booked a twin room before I left and said to Judy – no pressure, would be great to see you again before I depart. 

Was back by noon. Did some washing in the machine. My kit was beyond hand washing. Quickly got it in the tumble dryer. Got news that Judy was close. 

She arrived around 1h30pm. Been a long day. Another 30km. I was feeling more refreshed! Anyhow the day turned into a peach. The fog burnt off. The sun came out. The sea sparkled. It was the perfect beach day. 

We went down to beach, walked the length again, looked for more shells, had a swim in the ocean (which is not as cold as Cape Town), had a coffee at the end of the beach, chatted, chilled, soaked up the sun and watched the world go by. Felt like I was on holiday. 

Around 7pm we wondered home. Have booked this fantastic spot overlooking the beach. No more dormitory rooms for me! Wondered into town. Had been told to eat at O Pirata – The Pirate. The food was outstanding. All local seafood – straight from the sea. Prawns, scallops, mussels, barnacles and cockles. We took local advice on the wine – white wine this time from the local area. Dessert was apple cake made by his mother. All delicious. One of the best meals we have had on the Camino. Fit for a king and not a pilgrim! 

Then walked up the mountain as Judy needed to get to zero km at lighthouse. No sunset tonight. Too much cloud. Much warmer than the night I was there. 

Wondered down in the dark and saw fire flies in the bushes! Quite magical! Great catch up. Seemed right to be here – the end of the Ancient World with Judy. After all we had experienced together, I am glad we could share this experience too! 

Buen Camino! 




No sunset tonight!


3 thoughts on “Finnisterre – perfect end ”

  1. As you say a perfect ending to an amazing adventure… could not have written the script better…Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us back home…Take care and enjoy the rest of your trip.
    Love Fiona x

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  2. Nice end to your adventure Louise!
    Congratulations again from Bill and Mary from Australia.
    It was a pleasure to get to know you on the Camino!
    Buan Camino for life!!

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