One Final Post – Tau

Walking the Camino was always about making space in my heart for another furry companion. Kobi, our very special Labrador had gone to the big sky and I needed time before finding a replacement. And not a replacement in that sense. I needed to be able to commence a new journey. 
I carried a photograph of Kobi with me all the way. I left 2 stones along The Way. It was a process of letting go and making space in my life. 
Judy and I stayed at a really rustic place called San Anton. It was run in a very traditional way. Donation, shared meal, no electricity, cold showers and no wifi. Judy has 2 sons. Stefan and Anton. She was obviously drawn to this place because of the name. That day we had only walked 15km. We arrived at these ruins and knew that we wanted to spend the night. There were only 14 beds. It was a no-brainer. Just a really cool place. 
San Anton is the patron saint of all animals. He is always depicted with a pig at his feet. Each place you stay has a stamp. This is proof that you have walked to Santiago. You are then awarded your compostela. 
San Anton used a stamp with the Tau cross. I like the symbol. The shape and the meaning. This establishment had some beads and we were encouraged to make something. I decided to make a bracelet with the name Tau. I thought this could be the name of my new puppy. So I walked with Tau from then onwards until the end. San Anton was close to Castrojeriz – between Burgos and Leon. 
In Greek ancient times, Tau was used as a symbol for life and resurrection. This seemed appropriate. And so as I walked, space opened up in my heart. Space for Tau. 

I knew all along I wanted a Hungarian Vizsla. I had been quite taken the first time I met one in Newlands Forest at the end of 2014. 
I had set a clear intention at the start of the Camino in St Jean Pied de Port – making space for a new furry friend. I had to smile when on 19 May 2015 at 11h16 a dog dive-bombed my photo under the arch at the start! Significant. 
So when I connected with Corne in Heidelberg upon my return, I knew my dog would be called Tau. I found out on my return that Tau in African language refers to lion. A friend, Alison also pointed out to me the link between Tau and Taurus the bull with the obvious link to Spain. 
And that is the story about how Tau got his name. 

We went to Heidelberg yesterday to choose Tau and will collect him in 3 weeks time when he is 8 weeks old. 

Brian and I are so excited. This is a new chapter in our lives. Time to build new memories. I can’t wait. 


Brian getting puppy kisses from Tau!


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